SD2IEC development environment for Windows

I wanted to compile my own SD2IEC firmware version for a long time. I started to create my environment several times but failed. Then came a bit stronger motivation: IEC-ATA made his SD1551 which is an SD2IEC (hardware) based device that connects to the Commodore 264 series (C16, C116, plus/4 and the rarities/prototypes: C232, C264, V364) expansion port and uses the TCBM protocol of the 1551 with SD card bases storage but with custome firmware.

My idea was that as the SD2IEC firmware already supports different hardware variants and bus implementations (Commodore serial, DophinDOS parallel, IEEE-488) we could easily add support for TCBM too and use all the other (like SD-card handling, filesystem, disk image and file handling, firmware update) functions from the original SD2IEC software. Of course I jumped on it but as soon as I was able to compile and flash firmware for my SD2IEC my enhusiasm faded as other projects got in focus. (I didn't give up but it got back beside the other numerous things :) )

So: this post was created to document what do you need to compile the firmware.



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This is a player for the HVSC SID collection.

Main features:

  • Only PSID format is supported (RSID requires a full emulated C64 environment).
  • On NAE cards C64 SID clock frequency is used with direct writes to the SID registers (so musics which update SID more than once within a single frame are fully supported)
  • On other SID-cards the register values are copied from RAM.
  • Currently there is no TED converter.
  • Works on both NTSC and PAL computers using correct timing for both VBlank and timer based musics.
  • Relocates itself in memory to allow loading SIDs everywhere.
  • SD2IEC directories and Dxx disk images (D64, D71, D81, stb) are supported.
  • Loading uses KERNAL routines so it's compatible with everything.

Edit: I've published the sources too. You will need 64Tass to compile (I've attached a batch file name make.bat for Windows).

Commodore plus/4
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Package icon SIzPlay_1.0.zip66.67 KB
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Commodore plus/4 + JiffyDOS + SD2IEC

I wanted a modern storeage for my favourite plus/4 a long time ago where I can store a lot of stuff on some kind of flash based solution. Based on a topic on plus/4 World I've decided to get an SD2IEC.


SFD-1001 repair attempt, round n+2

Just a quick post: today I've succeeded in repairing one of my SFD-1001s. Now I have two working units. :)
Last time I wrote that I found out that it has a defective 6502. MMSZoli just gave me a 1541C with probably a power supply fault. It responds (responded) to serial bus but disk operations failed. Even the power up cycle failed to spin the disk. So I have my first IC desoldering from this unit. I took off the 6502 and plugged it into the socket of the SFD. It just works fine. :)


SFD-1001 repair attempt, round n+1

Thanks to a tip I got on plus/4 world I've tried to get some spares for my SFD-1001.


MOS 6530

Hooray! My MOS6530s ordered from eBay have finally arrived.


EPROM írás

Múltkor arckönyvön már említettem, hogy megírtam életem első EPROM-ját. (Persze elb@sztam nem lett jó). Sikerült rájönni a problémára, úgyhogy most megismételtem, közben néhány fotót is készítve. :)


Commmodore billentyűzet javítás

Van egy dobozos C128-am (a lapos fajta), amire egyszer balfék módon ráejtettem egy REU-t, kb. 80 centi magasból, és a @ billentyűt remekül kitörte a helyéből. Kicsit morcos lettem, és Bithunter fórumán megkérdeztem, hogy van-e valami tipp, hogy hogyan lehet javítani. Azt mondták, hogy a C64C (ez a lapos változat) és a C128 billentyűzete mechanikusan azonos. Úgyhogy a Vaterán leütöttem 3db romos üres C64 házat billentyűzettel, mindösszesen 1Ft értékben. :)



Na csak fent maradtam fél egyig. Meg is szereztem a legkissebb valaha gyártott commodore gépet. Előtte egy kis Heroes-zal töltöttem az időt, utána meg elolvastam az anyázóblogot. A Heroes-ban sikerült jól megkavarni a történetet, kellett egy darabig emésztenem...


Billy boy visszavonul

Most láttam egy cikket a zindexen, hogy Bill visszavonul (teljesen). Ennek apropójából összefoglalták az élettörténetét. Ezen a részen jót röhögtem:

Gates programokat készít a Lakeside-nak, azt is, amelyik az osztálybeosztásért felelős. A 16 éves Bill az informatika segítségével kerül a legjobb csajokkal egy csoportba.