DAAD engine for plus/4

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Stefan Vogt, author of Hibernated 1 - This place is death contacted me that he would like to publish his text adventure games for Commodore plus/4. To achieve this he acquired the source codes of the DAAD engine. My task was to port it. I had some difficulties (for example the C64 editor stores hard coded memory pointers in the graphical database so I had to use the memory layout of the C64 version. That in fact overlapped the I/O area of the 264 series so it occupies the lower 2 rows of the screen resulting in 23 usable rows instead of 25. The RAM/ROM mapping is totally different and the graphics requires more memory to store the luminance values or the colors). In the end I've succeeded and both Hibernated 1 both it's addon, Eight Feet Under got released. Both of them are dual boot: they detect if they were loaded on a C64 or a plus/4 and starts the proper interpretert for that platform.

Data sheets and download links at plus/4 world:

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