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Archive of Bithunter's homepage

Bithunter's home page is no longer available but the lots of information found there would be unfortunate to lost. I had an archive of the page (a partial one but fortunately balcso had the rest) so I made it available under
Rest in peace, Bithunter!


I've started a new page for my major projects under the Projects tab. The contents will be uploaded continuously.

D64IT plus/4

Release date: 

This is the plus/4 port of D64IT written by Errol Smith. This is a commodore program which can create D64 images of physical diskettes or write a disk image back to a physical disk. It uses KERNAL routines only so it's not fast but works with any kind of storages.

Fortunatelly it did not took a lot of effort to port it even the source was public.

The attached zip contains the source and the compiled binaries for plus/4, C64 and C128.

Update: there was several bugs in the plus/4 port (mostly memory-corruption), I've fixed them.

Commodore plus/4
Commodore 64
Commodore 128
Downloadable file(s): 
Package icon d64it.zip11.61 KB
Package icon d64it_20140818.zip12.1 KB

Newly born

The time has come. I bought the domain. (Today is the last of the 8 days waiting period for a hungarian domain to become permanent).
My blog (former blog, according to the activity produced in the last year) I migrated here to from the old ( page. More content will come in its time.