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This is a player for the HVSC SID collection.

Main features:

  • Only PSID format is supported (RSID requires a full emulated C64 environment).
  • On NAE cards C64 SID clock frequency is used with direct writes to the SID registers (so musics which update SID more than once within a single frame are fully supported)
  • On other SID-cards the register values are copied from RAM.
  • Currently there is no TED converter.
  • Works on both NTSC and PAL computers using correct timing for both VBlank and timer based musics.
  • Relocates itself in memory to allow loading SIDs everywhere.
  • SD2IEC directories and Dxx disk images (D64, D71, D81, stb) are supported.
  • Loading uses KERNAL routines so it's compatible with everything.

Edit: I've published the sources too. You will need 64Tass to compile (I've attached a batch file name make.bat for Windows).

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